Sexy burlesque names........

topic posted Fri, July 29, 2005 - 11:31 PM by  JADE
Hi there, my name is jade and i cant come up with a last night that sounds sexy burlesqie!!!

anyone out there have any ideas, i'd appreciate it....

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  • Just think up words and concepts that sound sexy and start slapping words together. Pick your top favorites and try them out on friends. Give the name time to find you. Don't rush it. It's hard to change a stage name later, especially if you perform a lot, have a website or make up business cards. Make sure it feels riught. if just Jade sounds good right now, just use that until something else feels right.
  • Jade Velour

    I love this suggested one Jade -

    Has a nice fetish edge which fits your personality but has that psuedo soft eroticism for Burlesque in it.

    Just 2 cents - but its really sexy.


  • Jade Temple

    Jade Doll

    Jade Ginger ( Are you usually a red head?)

    Jade Mine

    • Unsu...
      it's kinda corny but how about MarmaJade? Kinda like Marmalade. It's corny like I said. I just saw the ginger thing and it led me to thinking about Orange and well there ya go. ;)
      • I don't think Jade's coming back. She posted and vanished!! How about "Vanishing Jade?"
        • Alright what about my name then.

          I go by Rio and somehow Miss Rio Deja Licious has been dubbed my burlesque name, I love it, but I'm curious about any other suggestions. I want to stick with Rio of course, but adding something else to make it more complete of a stage name. I've been searching for something more versitile, because I do other performance such as circus, cabaret and fire dancing and I don't always want to be billed with a name like a porn star for more family oriented shows.
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            Jade Rio?
            -just kidding-

            How about Rio Del Fuego?
            • Rio Santiago?
              Rio Del Caliente?
              Rio Brava?
              • Unsu...
                Jade de Jewel
                Jade Discipline
                Jade Verde
                Lady Jade
                Jade Diablo
                Jade Heresy
                • I'm trying to come up with a sexy burlesque name for myself.

                  My recent burlesque debut featured yours truly as the innocent blushing bride with a feisty husband (my friend Rebecca a.k.a. Frances J. Plum) who ended up getting frisky and peeling off her many layers of bridal wear on her fabulous Vegas wedding night! ;) I'm a very petite brunette whom many of my friends know as that funky dancer/English teacher.

                  I would love to incorporate my name but Lisa's not very stage-y.

                  Some names I was thinking of:

                  Delisha D. Vine
                  Bonanza Jellybean (my favourite Tom Robbins character)
                  Fuschia D. Light
                  Delisha Dee Light
                  Ambrosia La Flamme

                  Any other ideas???
                  Please help!

  • oh my just finished reading the replies and thank you all i needed a good laugh! wow

    don't rush a name
    and it is best to look within things you already like or are drawn to

    hence i love the moon and fairies so my stage name is LUNAFAYE or sometimes just LUNA

    like it was posted prior your tag name is fetish jade so you could use that or incorperate a fetish element > mistress jade, madame jade some don't just use stage names but have short intros... for your pleasure tonight whipping girl mistress jade...
    play around with it try names on see if the persona feels right ask friends
    but unless your act is more tounge and cheek, which some are please please, stay clear of the names like pussy galore :-)
    • eva
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      great names, My name is Eva and I performed twice under the name Eva Seduction, ( a play on the song title Eve of Destruction, sadly Eva Destruction which would have been awesome is the name of a band in my area) I am not really sure that Eva Seduction is fitting, I love Eva, but anyone have any suggestions??
  • I've been getting crap about being "Alice" lately. In spite of having a great Wonderland connotation to it, my Dominant characters seem to need something more. "Malice" is already the name of a very famous fetish performer.

    What can I do to spice things up a bit?

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